Tips for Painting Your Vehicle

Painting a Car

Are You Equipped to Paint Your Own Car?

Crestview Chrysler is one of the premier used car dealerships in Regina, SK, and we also provide exceptional service for all of our customers. One of the things that our Service Department can help you with is a new paint job. Maybe you have an older car you’d like to spruce up or maybe you’re just ready for a change; regardless, we’re here to help. Repainting your car properly can be quite the challenge, but we thought we would give you a few tips so you can learn how it’s done.


Preparing the Body of the Car

Before you can paint your car, you’ll have to prepare the body. This means cleaning the areas you are going to paint and sanding the exterior down to the original paint level. You don’t need used car dealerships inRegina to tell you that this can be a difficult process. Another thing that will make the process easier is to remove all trim pieces such as the grille and bumpers.

Next, you want to properly mask the car, which means covering up any areas that are not going to be painted. If you don’t do this, then your car will have evidence of overspray — trust us when we say that this won’t look good. Mask the wheels and tires, pieces between body panels, and anywhere else using weather strip tape; use a plastic knife to make sure the tape gets in all the crevices.


Painting the Car

If you’ve come this far without running to our Service Department for help, it’s time to paint. If you want to paint the car the same color, all you have to do is look up the original color code for your car. To get an even coat, you can use a spray gun, but you will want to start the gun on something other than your car.

Another tip for painting is to use a guide coat, which is a thin layer of a contrasting color that goes on top of your last layer of primer. This is how you get that smooth look, and it will let you see if there are areas that are still bumpy or rough. If you have any questions about getting the perfect paint job, don’t hesitate to visit our dealership for advice or to schedule an appointment. And, of course, if you’re looking for new and used car dealerships in Regina, Crestview Chrysler should be your destination.