2013 Jeep Wrangler UnlimitedThere are a few interpretations of Robert Frost’s famous words “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I-I took the one less traveled”, and here at Crestview Chrysler we think it had something to do with the Jeep 4×4. The exhilarating adventures that can take place on the road less traveled can’t be beat, and having a Jeep makes all the difference. However, we know that off-road expeditions can have their dangers, so we’re offering a few guidelines to ensure that your road less traveled is traveled safely.

Tips for the Off-Roader

  1. Use common sense and think safety first.
  2. Come prepared for an adventure. This means that you check out your ride before you hit the off-road. Top off your fuel, check battery security, inspect your hoses and tires, check tire pressure, and grab a travel buddy.
  3. Anticipate your traction need and be aware. Pop your ride into 4WD before you get stuck, and be aware of what you are approaching on the trail. Keep your thumbs up and your head inside the vehicle to ensure your safety.
  4. Take it slow. Trail riding is not for the fast and the furious; it’s for low gearing and low speeds that will pull you over obstacles on your journey. Be kind to what you have left behind. In other words, leave the trail better than you found it! Follow posted signs, stay on approved trails, and again, use your common sense.
  5. Know your terrains.
    1. Rocks require crawling at no more than 1-3 miles per hour. Do not straddle rocks, simply crawl.
    2. Sand requires wider turns and maintaining a forward momentum. An air pressure drop is also recommended: 10-12 lbs below normal pressure on conventional tires.
    3. Climbing hills require straight up or straight down. Apply more power when you go up, easing as you approach the top. Use the lowest gear on a manual when going down but do not disengage the clutch, and use low range with an automatic.
    4. Always maintain forward momentum in snow or mud. If you lose traction in mud or snow, turn your steering wheel rapidly back and forth to get traction.

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