2013 Ram 1500

Stay Connected in the 2013 Ram 1500

It seems that 2013 is turning into the year for “connected cars”, as more and more models are being built with Internet access and the corresponding features that connect you to the outside world. This news is really exciting for any car lovers, including us over at Crestview Chrysler in Regina. Connected cars are the third quickest growing technological devices, just following mobile phones and tablets, and research indicates that pretty soon a huge chunk of the value of a car will be attributed to its effectiveness for connectivity and telematics. Experts in the industry expect the market will increase rapidly due to telematics requirements from the government, such as stolen vehicle tracking. Before we know it, every vehicle is going to be connected through a cellular network!

The Hot News About Hot Spots

Over thirty vehicle manufacturers have introduced telematic services. The 2013 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas showcased several self-driving vehicles, which have to be connected to Wi-Fi or they simply crash. Also at this show, AT&T introduced its connected car program, and the AT&T CEO said that he predicts 20 million cars with connected telematics systems will be available to consumers as soon as next year.

We already see some features of connectivity as mainstream features, such as Bluetooth technology, Pandora accessibility, and mobile device integration. Future connected cars will have lots of features besides these and Wi-Fi hot spots, including doors that open with biometric sensors, automatic weather and traffic updates delivered through the vehicle’s audio system, and infotainment systems that recognize and respond to different drivers.

Connected cars also allow drivers to share their locations in real-time with friends. A system called “Glympse” allows your friends to see, on their in-car screens, your photo, your speed, and the estimated time that you’ll reach your destination or a get-together. Connected cars will let drivers use sites like Yelp together with navigation to find restaurants and other services in seconds, complete with reviews.

Drive a Chrysler Connected Vehicle!

Chrysler’s first connected vehicle is the 2013 Ram 1500. Through the Sprint wireless network, this truck has its own available built-in wireless connection, which allows drivers to control voice-activated Bing searches and dictate text messages while driving. Visit Crestview Chrysler today to test drive this high-tech pick up!