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A roomy little car

At our car dealership near Southey, one of our goals is to better inform our customers about what’s out there for them in their automobile search. If people want cargo space, they immediately think about getting a massive full-size SUV, which is not always going to be the right fit for everyone.

There are other options for people looking for storage, options like a crossover SUV, which combines the best features of an SUV with the features of a sedan. We’ve assembled a list of vehicles with great storage space available for under $30,000.


Best Crossover Storage Capabilities

In terms of storage, the Nissan Pathfinder truly is a leader. With a full load of seven passengers, the Pathfinder can store 470 liters, but with the seats folded down it has a full 1380 liters of space. This is a larger crossover that has more of the rugged features found in a traditional SUV and can off-road like a beast.

Other vehicles that you may be able to find in our pre-owned inventory include the Honda Pilot, Ford Explorer, and the Hyundai Veracruz. For those looking for a crossover that’s friendlier to the environment, the Toyota Highlander comes in a hybrid version that can hold up to 1200 liters of cargo.


Compact/Small Cars Under $20,000

When you think about compact cars, it’s easy to imagine something cramped with a trunk the size of a grocery bag; however, that’s not the case anymore. There are plenty of small cars these days that can fit a lot of cargo while starting at a low price. The small car with the biggest cargo area right now is the Volkswagen Jetta, which has 440 liters of storage space.

If you’re taking notes, this is barely smaller than what the Nissan Pathfinder can hold with the seats all up. Other small cars with a lot of space include the Chevrolet Cruze, the Hyundai Elantra, the Nissan Versa Sedan, and the Kia Forte SX.

You can schedule a test drive of one of these vehicles in the used department here at Crestview Chrysler. Our sales staff is here to help throughout the vehicle buying process, so if you have any questions about our cars or want to know how they stand up to competing models, just ask.