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Are You Sure Your Tires Are Properly Inflated?

Tire replacementOne of the regular maintenance tasks that drivers often forget about is keeping their tires properly inflated. Tire inflation changes over time and temperature and can be a safety hazard if not monitored closely. The Crestview Chrysler Service Department can help you with inflating your tires, of course, but it’s important for you to regularly check them yourself and know whether or not they are at the correct pressure. Let’s take a closer look at how to check your tires, and why it’s essential to your safety on the road.

Low Tire Pressure is Dangerous

Tires that aren’t properly inflated will cause a host of problems, such as decreasing your fuel efficiency, impairing the handling of your vehicle, and possibly causing a flat or blowout on the highway. If you notice your tires are low, you need to take care of the problem immediately.

Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems

In many new vehicles, a tire pressure monitoring system is in place to warn you of dangerously low tire pressure in one or more of your tires. This is a helpful safety tool, but don’t let it become a crutch. You should still check your tire pressure regularly.

How to Check Your Tire Pressure

If you get in the good habit of checking your tire pressure weekly, you’ll catch any problems before they become major issues. You’ll be able to assess your tread depth, evenness of tire wear, and possible damage while you do your quick check. Here are a few tips on how to check your tire pressure:

  • Get a good tire pressure gauge: The cheap ones at the gas station can be very inaccurate, so do yourself a favor and get one from an auto parts store. Digital gauges are able to be even more accurate.
  • Know the correct pressure: This is printed on the driver’s side door where it meets the vehicle, as well as in the owner’s manual.
  • Use a high-quality air hose: Sometimes “free” air hoses are of poor quality and can damage the valve of your tire and cause a leak.
  • Check the air when the tires are cold: Tires heat up after they’ve been on the road, and will give you an inaccurate reading.

Help! They Won’t Stay Inflated!

If your tires won’t stay inflated then they probably have a leak, which is an inexpensive and easy fix at Crestview Chrysler. Check our service specials before you make your appointment to save yourself some money, then find our dealership at 601 Albert Street in Regina, SK. Drive safely!

Protect Your Car by Fixing Minor Scratches

Professional Car Painter

Fix it Yourself Before You Need a Professional

At Crestview Chrysler in Regina, SK, we have a large inventory of new and used Chrysler, Dodge, and Jeep vehicles. Once you’ve found the car you’re looking for, we are also here to help you maintain it. Our service technicians are experts who can not only work on your car, truck, or SUV, but who can also give you tips on how to make your new set of wheels last as long as possible. Here are some tips for fixing scratches on your vehicle.


Fixing a Minor Vehicle Scratch

While you are always welcome to take your vehicle to the Crestview Chrysler Collision Center for paint issues, minor scratches aren’t too hard to fix with a touch-up paint pen. First, you’ll want to soap down the area and then apply a wax remover. After that, apply the fresh paint with the pen several times, letting the area dry before each application. Put clearcoat over the area and then polish it until it’s shiny. The paint pen should be used on areas that are no larger than a pencil eraser. Aapply the fresh paint with the pen several times, letting the area dry before each application. Put clearcoat over the area and then polish it until it’s shiny. The paint pen should be used on areas that are no larger than a pencil eraser.


Fixing Several Paint Chips

Are your issues a little worse than just a scratch? For fixing paint chips, try auto paint in a bottle. These two-ounce bottles are perfect for fixing lots of scratches. Follow the same procedure as you would with a scratch, except you’ll want to use a brush instead of applying paint.


Major Paint Issues

If the area has an even larger amount of chips and scratches, you are going to need to move on to a spray can that can cover a much larger area. Remove dents before painting with some spot putty and autobody filler. Then you will want to treat the area just the same as you would with smaller issues and then apply automotive paint with a spray can of touch-up paint.


General Painting Tips

Before painting your car, apply the paint to a flat surface to get the feel of the pen, brush, or can that you are using. Don’t panic if you get paint on the car where it shouldn’t go — all you need is automotive lacquer thinner and then you can try it again. Should the paint get on your hands, use paint thinner to get it off and then wash your hands. And always remember to wear a respirator!


Come to Crestview Chrysler for all of Your Maintenance Needs

Painting can be quite tricky, so if you run into a tough spot that you can’t take care of on your own, you can come to our dealership. At Crestview Chrysler, we’ll be happy to help!

What Would Happen if You Never Changed Your Oil?

Crestview Chrysler Service Department

Get Your Oil Changed at Crestview Chrysler

Here at Crestview Chrysler, we offer more to drivers than great luxury Chrysler vehicles, off-road Jeep options, and affordable Dodge autos. We also believe in keeping our drivers informed as to the best ways to maintain their cars.

Most of you probably know that it’s important to get your oil changed regularly, but do you know what would happen if you never got your oil changed?


Oil Changes Protect Your Car

Let’s be honest, many drivers probably go a bit over the recommendations for oil changes. Some might even exceed the frequency with which the manufacturer recommends you change your oil, which is a pretty hard-line limit. Going longer than what the manufacturer recommends can cause serious damage to your vehicle, though, and here’s why.

Oil is a necessary lubricant that keeps all the moving elements of your vehicle moving smoothly and fighting the forces of friction that not only slow things down but can also cause damage. Some of that damage comes from heat, and one of the last things you want is unplanned for levels of heat in an internal-combustion engine.

There are two big things that will happen if your engine has oil that never gets changed.

First, dirt and grime will accumulate in the oil. Your oil filter will keep out the grime for a while, but it’s only a matter of time before it gets clogged and the impurities in your oil start building up. By having chunks of stuff that aren’t oil mixed in with your oil, you greatly reduce its ability to fight friction, and in fact, the particles flowing through your oil can score and damage engine components.

Second, the additives in your oil will wear out, further reducing its ability to lubricate all the moving bits and pieces. Be sure to schedule regular oil changes to keep your engine clean and happy!


Get Your Oil Changed Today

Schedule your next oil change with our service department today to keep your car up and running. If you’ve got any questions about proper vehicle maintenance, contact us today and speak with a professional; we’re here to help.

How About Synthetic Motor Oil?

Oil Change

Synthetic or Conventional Oil?

As any of the car dealers near Stony Beach can tell you, not all motor oils are created equal, and some drivers find that synthetics perform better over the long haul. Crestview Chrysler has some tips concerning the oil your engine uses that you may find of interest.

What is Synthetic Oil?

Motor oils consist of two basic ingredients: the base oil and performance additives, which usually make up between 10 and 15% of the fluid. The additives often work to remove dirt and grime buildup and do away with other impurities like acid, water, or fuel.

Refining techniques used to produces synthetic oils are much more sophisticated than those used to make conventional oil. That means that there are specially formulated additives in more concentrated amounts that help to enhance the performance of your vehicle by providing superior protection.

The Benefits

Synthetic oils outperform their conventional counterparts in many ways. First, synthetics keep engines cleaner for a longer duration; second, they can assist engines in starting because of their specific properties. Most importantly, they offer superior protection in extreme conditions.

You see, synthetic oils were originally developed for military use. During World War II, synthetic lubricants helped to keep oil from freezing in army tanks. Fast forward to the 1950s and scientists improved them to be used in jet engines. Then, during the 1970s, this advanced lubricant was introduced to the racecar world.

When it’s extremely cold outside, oil tends to thicken, which inhibits engine flow. These specially engineered fluids maintain a relatively consistent texture in extreme cold, which means that essential parts are protected. During high temperatures, conventional oil begins to thin. A synthetic oil isn’t as volatile, meaning that it;s not as prone to thinning, even under high heat.

Come to Crestview Chrysler

If you’re wondering if synthetic oil is the right choice for your vehicle, don’t bother with just any of the car dealers near Stony Beach — ask one of the maintenance experts at Crestview Chrysler. We can evaluate your engine’s performance to determine how synthetic oil will benefit your vehicle. Take a moment to “like” our Facebook page — we’ll keep you up to speed on interesting automotive facts people always wonder about, among other things. And don’t forget to visit our showroom soon!

Crestview Chrysler Has Car Washing Tips

Car Washing Wisdom at Crestview Chrysler

Washing a car

Do You Wash Your Car Properly?

Sticklers for regular paint touch-ups and exterior vehicle beautification are going to love today’s hot topic among Dodge dealerships in Saskatchewan: How to correctly wash your car. Vehicle detailing, both interior and exterior, seems like it should be as intuitive, simple, and straightforward as jumping in the shower. It can be, but there are certain things you have to know in order to not scratch or mar your paint coat while you’re washing it. Some popular methods that don’t work can waste time. Crestview Chrysler Dodge Jeep now takes you on a little tour through the do’s and don’ts of self-carwashing. If taking it upon yourself to wash your vehicle, you should know how to do it well so you save yourself time and money.


Contrary to Popular Carwash Belief

When caretaking your car’s finish, it’s important to know about common threats to your paint coat that accompany carwashing, despite how attractive, easy, and acceptable these seemingly normal activities may seem:

  1. Washing outdoors on a hot day.

As fun as it sounds to hold a good old-fashioned carwash under the sweltering June sun for a fundraiser or special event, you may actually be doing your neighbors a disservice. You could be causing their paint coat to accrue small cracks over the course of the summer months, as cold water should never be applied to a finish that has been out in the sun all day.


  1. Using a lot of elbow grease.

Pushing down really hard as you scrub sounds like good old-fashioned work ethic to many Saskatchewanians. However, it can actually rub scratches or cause pressure cracks in the outer surface of your paint. Never scrub too hard. Instead, be moderate with your strokes and apply even pressure, topping that baby off with some sealant or wax to prevent future marring.


  1. Don’t use household cleaners.

Though it may sound like a good idea to just grab some Dawn dish soap or Softsoap hand cleaner, it’s not. In fact, it can remove protective sealants and waxes that were previously applied.


Crestview Dodge Is Your Go-To Dealership for Car Washing Tips and Services

We’ve taken you through some of the things you can do if you’re a self-starting driver who is taking on the liberty of washing your own car rather than paying an auto shop to do it for you. But if you’re like most drivers, your busy schedule won’t allow you such a luxury. Why not head on over to Crestwood Dodge and treat yourself and your car to a pampering? We can do a full outside body wash for under $20, including:

  • Glass
  • Tires
  • Degreasing
  • Drying

If you feel that your car needs a complete inside-out makeover, we also feature various combinations of several more detailed and complex services offered in special packages ranging from around $40 to around $200. Contact us to book your service appointment at Crestview today.

Trust Crestview Dodge Near Moose Jaw to Service Your Vehicle

Get Your Vehicle Serviced at Crestview Dodge Near Moose Jaw, SK

Crestview Chrysler Service

Quality Crestview Chrysler Service

Drivers looking for great Dodge service near Moose Jaw, SK can stop by Crestview Dodge for all of their automotive needs. You can expect the highest quality of care while we work hard on your vehicle. Whether it’s a routine oil change, tire rotation, or major vehicle service and repairs, we’ll have you covered at Crestview Dodge. Call us now to find out how we can help fix your vehicle at a price you can afford.

Trust Crestview Dodge for Your Routine Service

Moose Jaw, SK drivers can bring their vehicle to Crestview Dodge for their next vehicle service. Bringing your vehicle to one of our highly skilled and factory trained technicians will ensure that it is getting the attention and care it deserves, and we will do everything we can to make sure it gets fixed properly to avoid any future problems. There are many advantages to bringing your vehicle to our dealership for all your minor and major vehicle services:

  • Factory trained technicians – Our Crestview Dodge service technicians are highly skilled, experienced, and factory trained to work on Dodge vehicles. You can trust that they’ll have the tools and knowledge necessary to make sure your vehicle is repaired in a timely manner. We also have the technology to pinpoint any issues you’re having with your vehicle quickly and accurately so you can get back on the road as soon as possible.
  • Access to information – Dealerships have access to important information on brand new vehicles they’re selling and servicing. This is information that’s crucial to correctly diagnose and repair your vehicle, and we have all the latest information and updates on your specific model.
  • Save money– At Crestview Dodge we work hard to make your next vehicle service as affordable as possible. Visit us on the web, where you can find various service specials, rebates, and coupons to make your next appointment more affordable.

Schedule Your Service Appointment at Crestview Dodge

Are you noticing some problems with your vehicle? Whether big or small, you can count on the experienced team at Crestview Dodge near Moose Jaw to offer the highest quality of care during your vehicle service appointment. Visit us on the web for additional information, to contact our service department or for dealership hours and directions. We’re happy to be the chosen destination for all of your automotive needs.


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