Car Washing Wisdom at Crestview Chrysler

Washing a car

Do You Wash Your Car Properly?

Sticklers for regular paint touch-ups and exterior vehicle beautification are going to love today’s hot topic among Dodge dealerships in Saskatchewan: How to correctly wash your car. Vehicle detailing, both interior and exterior, seems like it should be as intuitive, simple, and straightforward as jumping in the shower. It can be, but there are certain things you have to know in order to not scratch or mar your paint coat while you’re washing it. Some popular methods that don’t work can waste time. Crestview Chrysler Dodge Jeep now takes you on a little tour through the do’s and don’ts of self-carwashing. If taking it upon yourself to wash your vehicle, you should know how to do it well so you save yourself time and money.


Contrary to Popular Carwash Belief

When caretaking your car’s finish, it’s important to know about common threats to your paint coat that accompany carwashing, despite how attractive, easy, and acceptable these seemingly normal activities may seem:

  1. Washing outdoors on a hot day.

As fun as it sounds to hold a good old-fashioned carwash under the sweltering June sun for a fundraiser or special event, you may actually be doing your neighbors a disservice. You could be causing their paint coat to accrue small cracks over the course of the summer months, as cold water should never be applied to a finish that has been out in the sun all day.


  1. Using a lot of elbow grease.

Pushing down really hard as you scrub sounds like good old-fashioned work ethic to many Saskatchewanians. However, it can actually rub scratches or cause pressure cracks in the outer surface of your paint. Never scrub too hard. Instead, be moderate with your strokes and apply even pressure, topping that baby off with some sealant or wax to prevent future marring.


  1. Don’t use household cleaners.

Though it may sound like a good idea to just grab some Dawn dish soap or Softsoap hand cleaner, it’s not. In fact, it can remove protective sealants and waxes that were previously applied.


Crestview Dodge Is Your Go-To Dealership for Car Washing Tips and Services

We’ve taken you through some of the things you can do if you’re a self-starting driver who is taking on the liberty of washing your own car rather than paying an auto shop to do it for you. But if you’re like most drivers, your busy schedule won’t allow you such a luxury. Why not head on over to Crestwood Dodge and treat yourself and your car to a pampering? We can do a full outside body wash for under $20, including:

  • Glass
  • Tires
  • Degreasing
  • Drying

If you feel that your car needs a complete inside-out makeover, we also feature various combinations of several more detailed and complex services offered in special packages ranging from around $40 to around $200. Contact us to book your service appointment at Crestview today.