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Customer Choice Financing Offers Important Advantages

Chrysler offers Canadian drivers a flexible financing option that bridges the gap between a loan and a lease. Chrysler Canada is offering those shopping for a car an innovative option available at Chrysler and Dodge dealerships like Crestview Chrysler of Regina. Customer Choice Financing is different from other financing options because it allows drivers a [...]

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How to Change a Flat Tire

wheel change

Every driver has faced car problems at one time or another.  My first issue with a vehicle occurred when I was driving my father’s Chrysler Town and Country and noticed the rear passenger tire was lower than the others. Come to find out, there was a nail that somehow ended up puncturing a hole in [...]

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Protect Your Car by Fixing Minor Scratches

At Crestview Chrysler in Regina, SK, we have a large inventory of new and used Chrysler, Dodge, and Jeep vehicles. Once you’ve found the car you’re looking for, we are also here to help you maintain it. Our service technicians are experts who can not only work on your car, truck, or SUV, but who [...]

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Crossovers and Other Cars Under $30,000 with the Most Cargo Room

At our car dealership near Southey, one of our goals is to better inform our customers about what’s out there for them in their automobile search. If people want cargo space, they immediately think about getting a massive full-size SUV, which is not always going to be the right fit for everyone. There are other [...]

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What Would Happen if You Never Changed Your Oil?

Here at Crestview Chrysler, we offer more to drivers than great luxury Chrysler vehicles, off-road Jeep options, and affordable Dodge autos. We also believe in keeping our drivers informed as to the best ways to maintain their cars. Most of you probably know that it’s important to get your oil changed regularly, but do you [...]

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What is a Low-Energy Vehicle?

At our Regina-area Dodge dealership, we sell more and more low-energy vehicles as the days go by. You have certainly heard of low-energy vehicles before, though you may not have known the term. LEVs are cars that are designed to use less power than a normal car to try to lower the dependency on gasoline [...]

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How About Synthetic Motor Oil?

As any of the car dealers near Stony Beach can tell you, not all motor oils are created equal, and some drivers find that synthetics perform better over the long haul. Crestview Chrysler has some tips concerning the oil your engine uses that you may find of interest. What is Synthetic Oil? Motor oils consist [...]

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The 2013 Dodge Dart is a Joy to Drive

Borrowing design points from Alfa Romeo, drivers from Frankslake will find that the 2013 Dodge Dart is an agile vehicle on the open road. Available in 3 trims with plenty of sporty options and engine upgrades, this compact sedan set to make quite the impression on the roads of Canada. Whether you’re in Frankslake, Regina, [...]

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Check the Brake System Master Cylinder to Make Sure You Have Enough Brake Fluid

We’re one Dodge dealer near Disley that can provide you with information on taking care of your vehicle, such as telling you how to check and replacing your brake fluid. Like oil changes or checking your power steering fluid, checking and replacing brake fluid is crucial for any car owner. Fortunately for Disley drivers, this [...]

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